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BizEdCentral offers other business related services in your area.  Here are just few other service with whom we can put you in contact:
  • Graphic Services
    for all of your business graphics needs.
  • Network Services
    from servers to work-stations to cabling, configuration, software installations, virus destruction, backups, migration, and remote monitoring.
  • MS Access Database
    from consulting and design help to training/ mentoring and programming custom applications.
  • Help Desk
    Employee support on all common desktop applications.
  • Custom Courseware
    developed around your proprietary software or procedures, we can custom develop training for anything needed.
  • Conversational English
    to help those "new to this country" employees feel like they can speak our language with confidence.
  • ...and more
  • Customer Quotes
    "I just wanted to thank you so much for the service you offer. I recently moved to the DFW area and was in dyer need of software training for a new job I was taking. Thank God you were able to get me up to speed quickly.  Thanks again!"

    ~ Gail
    Office Manager

    "BizEdCentral provides a service that goes beyond the average business training facilitator.
    They are the most feature laden training company on the web, with customer service that is second to none. They truly stand above the rest".
                                  ~ Phillip
    HR Director

    "We needed training to update our 1500 person sales team with everything from closing techniques and quality assurance policies to Excel and Outlook tricks.  BizEdCentral came through with the trainers, consultants, and strategic planners to accomplish all of it on time and under budget!  Thanks, BizEdCentral!"

    ~ Thomas
    Director of Sales
    North America Division
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    Today's job market is more challenging than ever. A quick look in the employment section of your local newspaper will tell you that the business skills needed for today's jobs have changed dramatically. And having the enhanced skills to either maintain a current job, shift into a higher career gear, or totally change career directions is of utmost importance. Even if your current job seems secure, no one has a 100% guaranty that things won't change in a moment's notice. Having the skills to operate today's sophisticated software at any given moment is no longer a luxury!
    It's a necessity!

        Did you know that most office workers only know about 10% of all the things their desktop software is capable of doing?  With the economy teetering on uncertainty, and corporate buy-outs, bail-outs, and closures on the rise, even if you're not up for a raise anytime soon, remember - there's no guarantee that you'll even have a job next week. That's why you need to keep yourself prepared at all times - even if you don't use that program at work that you've been meaning to learn, you need to keep your skills up for the unknown.

        How can you guarantee yourself a raise?
    LEARN THE SOFTWARE!  Instead of you working for the software, let the software work for you - make it your "unpaid assistant" - let it do part of the work (heck - let it do most of the work) for you. You might even find that the knowledge that you gain about the software leads to developing solutions and a whole new career.  Did you know that an MS Access Developer makes on average about $68k plus benefits?

    This is why BizEdCentral was developed.  With a collective community of Knowledge Resource Affiliates (experts, professional trainers, consultants, guest speakers, and training developers), all geographically targeted to your area, you have at your finger-tips all the resource power to move forward with your career, enhance your current skills, or just "catch-up" to the status-quo.

    Not only do we deliver training options for the individual home consumer, we become an advise resource for what companies are looking for in the skills of the employees they hire. At the same time, we supply employers a resource pool of local professionals to help their employees stay on top of the ever demanding knowledge wave.

    Training of any subject can be developed and deployed to handle a diverse arena of learning experiences, from the single person at home trying to learn software, to a large company needing a rollout of it's new benefits package. For larger organizations, we work closely with the HR department, and many times augment with a company's training division. For smaller organizations, we sometimes become the "out-sourced" training department. No training is too large or too small for BizEdCentral.

      Our experienced courseware developers can take existing proprietary software or soft-skills and create a series of styles of training to fit your organization's needs. From in-class training, to CBT modules, to web-based training, Rollout of training that can be evaluated, BizEdCentral can do it all.

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